May 27, 2017 12:14 AM

Self love…. something that we all lack at some point in life . After many years of education, a lot of people never learned to properly love themselves and why it’s so important. Self love is the root, the foundation, the genesis, and the beginning to loving others. You have to know your own worth before you let someone else put a price tag on you . What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more? How much happier do you think you could be ? I had to learn self love the hard way. It wasn’t until I watched somebody take advantage of me and parade right out of my life. As they were using my kindness against me, I found myself becoming a submissive to someone that was neither God nor my husband. All because I was loving someone else way more than I loved myself. I then realized that you never know someone’s true intentions until they show you and at the end of the day no one has you like you have yourself. This is why loving yourself is essential!

There are 5 steps that I’ve came up with that will teach you how to love yourself.
Step one: Detach yourself from whatever it is that destroys you. Whether it be a bad habit, a bad relationship, or even a bad friendship. Let it go 🎈Have you ever tried to grow a seed that was planted in bad soil? No matter how much you water it or how much sunlight you give it , it will not grow because the foundation (the soil) is bad. So you get rid of it, and you start over… this time with fresh soil. I say that to say you can’t keep feeding bad habits. Remove yourself from all distractions, all stress, and all problems. Anything keeping you from focusing on you, detach yourself from it. You have the power to heal yourself and you need to know that.
Step two: Stop trying to please everyone, you are not perfect. This is something I had to learn. I always put everyone else’s happiness before my own. I felt like if the people around me are happy, then I am happy. But you have to realize that you matter too, just as much as everyone else. You’re not a robot nor are you God, it’s impossible to try and please every single person around you. Especially if you aren’t happy within yourself.
Step three: Take time and get to know yourself. Find out what it is you like and go do what makes you happy. Shopping for yourself , pampering yourself , reading your favorite book, watching your favorite movies, playing your favorite sports…. spend more time with you! Learn your strengths and weaknesses, learn what makes you upset, learn what you are most passionate about, just invest in some “ME” time.
Step four: Forgive yourself and stop living in the past. Whatever burden it may be that you are carrying on your shoulders, free yourself from it. The Bible says in Psalms 103:12, “Stop remembering what God has already forgotten “. All situations are temporary, so don’t allow anything you’ve done in the past dictate how you move in the future. This is when you take your mistakes and turn them into lessons. This is when you #GloUp.
Step five: Stop fearing change. Self love is going to require you to move differently. Don’t be afraid of the new environment, the new people, and the new YOU. It’s okay to be alone, so don’t be afraid of that either. You may have to lose who you were to find out who you are.

Now with those five steps you discover your own light and your own inner-gangster, snatch your power back and change the game . Be happy with yourself, love yourself, adore yourself because you are enough . You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people. Once you learn to love yourself there’s no person that can take your joy from you. Always remember:

-I am mine before I am anyone else’s…… I am enough.


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  • Mrs. Barber

    WOW! This is such an UhhhhMazing message that is sure to heal wounded hearts! Keep up the great work Sis – Many Blessings!!

  • Jacoria

    Keep going, you’ll change so many minds & lives ❀️

  • Jass

    Loveeeee it❀️❀️ I need that thank youu

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